Hello all

Just a few words of what I do for the English speaking readers.
I have devoted about a decade to do research, mainly about the history of Medicine in my country and to a lesser extent in Architecture also. I have dug in archives not only because I have always looked for depth in my work, but because what I kept finding was raw material that was pleading to be narrated. Out of that force I wrote two books: one was a biography of a midwife who founded the Maternity Home in Quito in the XIX century, the other was a partial history of the oldest Psychiatric Hospital in the country where a handful of doctors were able to take patients out of the enclosed colonial building in the 1950’s.
Both are heroic stories, yet no one knew them nor had a clue that the reason for such heroism is the lack of concern of society. All my aim has been to connect with the power readers have and the most aware of them have been up to their task. Numerous and symbolic actions have happened and are still on course. I have launched campaigns that are explained on the Campañas tab of this page, and anyone can support them from anywhere in the world. One of my books is also available online free of charge if the reader follows the directions on the Libros tab.
Explore and enjoy. Welcome!